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High-level predictive monitoring

This repository contains the code to generate LSTM and transformer models for high-level monitoring prediction or to execute an already trained one. The data folder contains pre-filtered and pre-processed data from Google Cluster Data - 2011-2.

The folder models contains the pre-trained LSTMs. To test it, you can run the test: python 6318371744; the second argument represents the ID of the job to consider. The Jupyter notebook test_gcd-model_predictions.ipynb offers the possibility to explore different ways to test new data.

The folder lstm_approach contains the code to run the LSTM model. To re-train the LSTM, it is possible to run the script [epochs neurons batch_size] --exp-name [exp]. To reproduce the exact same model, the code 400 50 72 --exp_name exp_01.

The folder transformer_approach contains all the required components related with the transformer model, as well as a detailed readme file. There, one can find the model used for the resource prediction inside the model folder. Also, a simplified python code called is provided in order to test and learn how to use the model.